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With an extensive experience of over 3 and a half decades in recruitment field, we have handled multi faceted projects such as Erection, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of Gas, Oil, Petrochemical, Fertilizer plants, Civil Construction, Hospitality, Large Catering projects and thus are in a position to carry out recruitment of all types of applicants, beginning from the Top Level Management to the lower down level of Labours.


Shortlist suitable applicants from our data bank based on clients criteria. If necessary followed by advertisements in newspapers as per job specification provided by client and identifying factors to attract applicants in good numbers..


Advice client on terms and conditions of the foreign service contact and sign such contracts on behalf of the client. Advice client on the formalities and formats of documents for processing visas and emigration formalities and represent client at Embassies, Consulates and local government offices. Arrange passage and travel of employees.


In the event an accepted applicant, not selected by the client, sent to the job site fails to complete his probationary period of 90 days, in a manner satisfactory to the client, and is repatriated to India, we shall replace the applicant at no additional cost to the client. We shall perform our services with that standard of care, skill and diligence normally provided by a professional person in the performance of similar services.

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